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Life In Plastic… Is It Fantastic?

Life In Plastic… Is It Fantastic?

 Pouty lips, bouncy tits and mega hips is all the trend these days. To be honest, going under the knife altogether is quickly becoming a trend, as more and more of us are wanting a duck pout without moving our lips at all. It’s changed from something that only celebrities would do, to something normal people do everyday. Hell, I barely flutter my Rebel Smokes these days at the mention of someone getting their lips injected.

But is it all as great as it seems? Are the trend setters really all that they post? Well, let’s have a little investigate my unicorns.

Exhibit A – Kim Kardashian

So, if you haven’t saw the pics of Kim K’s big ass on the beach them you’ve obviously been under a rock your entire life. It’s no secret that her derriere is massive, this bitch pours her champagne on her ass for crying out loud, she is not to be messed with. But these raw images, not touched by Photoshop, shows a different bootay to what we know.

If you don’t go to the gym for the first time in months, do 5 squats then claim you better have an ass like Kim K, now then bitch you lyin. She is the mother of butts.
 But are we aspiring for something fake? These beach pics show Kims bikini body in a new light. There is no doubt over whether it’s plastic surgery, but whether it’s something we should all be aiming for is another issue. Now hell girl, if your natural body shape is crazily skinny legs and huge bum, then go you, bitch you winning. But if you aren’t, like 99.9999999999999% of the population, then should you be debating going under the knife to achieve the same look?

Exhibit B – Katie Piper

This inspirational woman, unlike Kim K, didn’t seek out plastic surgery by choice, after suffering from an acid attack she was left with life changing scars. She has since devoted her career to advising people wanting to go under the knife, and promoting natural beauty. 

 Now, I’m not saying don’t get plastic surgery at all. I’m not saying Kim K ain’t totally killing it, coz babe, have you seen the recent India Vogue pics, she’s slaying. But, you are the only version of you that there is, and bitch, no matter what anyone says, you are beautiful. You don’t need to pay six grand for that boob job, or get your lips injected till they look like they’re gonna’ blow. Your natural look is what makes you you, what allows you to stand out from the crowd. Anyone can pay for double ds, but no one can have your freckles, your amazing smile, or damn girl even those tiger stripes on that fine ass of yours. The smooth, perfect hourglass figure does not exist, you can pay as much as you want, but if even Kim K has to use a blur tool here and there,  then there is definitely huge warning signs. 

 Because maybe’s it isn’t perfect? 

 Kim K is an icon, as well as Katie Piper, because they dare to have confidence in a judgemental society. Hey, they might not be natural, but they are living, they are loving, and not giving a damn about what anyone thinks. 

 Maybe what we think is smooth tanned skin and a small frame as the definition of beauty, is really confidence and love. 

 What do you think?

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