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Prepping for 2018 like a UC Sass Queen

Prepping for 2018 like a UC Sass Queen

Here it is, 2018, and as the new year sneaks in, everybody is always left thinking, what the hell is this year going to bring. Well my friend, it’s a good job that we’re feeling future as fuck today, as we’ve already hit up our crystal ball and started prepping for the mega beauty trends for 2018. A bitch has got to be prepared, right?

1. The Y-Zone

So, normally you’ll hear everyone banging on about the T-Zone, but baby fuck that shit, coz 2018 is bringing in a whole new ball game. Welcome the Y-Zone, which if you don’t know, is the lower part of your face. We’re talking about your chin, throat and cleavage, so be prepared for a whole lotta weird  Facebook videos about throat contouring. But most of all, this is about caring for your skin, whether it’s the top of your head, or the bottom.



2. Its a LIP kinda year, Baby

The lip trend is predicted to continue gals, but this time ‘Kylie’ is so last year. 2018 is going to get a whole lot more magical, and what’s better than holo-ing it up in here gurl? We’re predicting experimental lips, from glitter to ombre, coz plump just isn’t enough anymore. And, of course, we’ve already got your back girlfriend, with our newest collection of holographic lip glosses, perfect for setting the trend before everyone else catches on.
Lead the sheep bitch.



3. Holistic Beauty

Gone are the days of slapping random shit on your face coz some random beauty blogger says she uses it everyday of her life and its amazing  even though it says #ad underneath. 2018 is really about nurturing your skin and caring for what you use on it. Expect a big boom in skin care gals, you ain’t gonna be on fleek if your skin ain’t in check.



 4. Short Hair, Don't Care

This was slowly introduced in 2017, with big names like Bella Hadid going for the chop, but this year the scissors are snipping just a little bit more, with jaw length bobs and boy cuts being height of fashion. Get trimming your manes’ unicorns to work a hip sleek look, set to turn heads this new year.


5. Lashes For Days

What would a year be without lashes?
This time, we’re talking big, we’re talking drama. Get your big boy lashes out to play coz we’re lashing it up and getting hella fierce up in here.
You need a sass lash to match up to that boss ass blending, so glue up and get stuck on!



XOXO, UC Sass Queen Darcey 
Stay tuned for my next installment every Wednesday + Sunday.
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